Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Challenges

Vishnu S.


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on the world of intellectual property (IP), including copyright, patents, and trademarks. This article explores the copyright dilemma surrounding AI-generated works, analysing the challenges that arise when trying to determine ownership and protect these works under current copyright law. It will also discuss potential solutions to this dilemma, and the broader implications for copyright law and the creative industries. Finally, it will examine how AI is impacting other areas of IP law, including patents and trademarks, and the need to develop new legal frameworks and best practices to support innovation and creativity in the age of AI.

Key Words: Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, Creativity, Authorship

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Vishnu S., ‘Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Challenges’ (2023) 1(1) OUJIPR, 86 accessed [date] Available at: https://ouipr.in/oujipr/vol1/iss1/5

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